Free OS/2 programs and other OS/2 related links

If you use OS/2, the following are some small tools I have written in Rexx. Use them if you like - let me know if you have any suggestions/problems.
DualStor/2 MAKESR for Warp 4

Description  (Level 1.2 - dated 8/16/97)
Bypasses a problem with Warp 4 and DualStor/2 and allows SR diskettes to be made with Warp 4.
Detach attachments from MR/2 ICE Mail

Description  (level 1.6 - dated 2/17/00)
Allows binary attachments to be removed from MR/2 ICE mail items
Netscape/2 to MR/2 ICE Conversion

Description  (Level 1.0 - dated 8/16/97)
Converts mail and address information from Netscape/2 format to that used by MR/2 ICE.
Control size of POPUPLOG.OS2 file

Description  (Level 1.3 - dated 9/24/97)
Allows size of POPUPLOG.OS2 file to be maintained at a maximum size.

These are OS/2 links that I have picked up over time.. There certainly are more OS/2 sites, but these are some that I visit. There is no reason for the order they appear - they are placed here in a random order..

Nick Knight has put together a super OS/2 mail program and has outstanding support for it. Also underway is an integrated news capability..

Nick Knight's MR/2 ICE Home Page

Jerry Koret keeps a repository of quite a few add-ons and utilities for MR/2 ICE. If you use MR/2 ICE, this certainly is a site to watch!

Jerry Koret's Home Page for ICE Add-ons

Tired of the Dial Other Internet Provider (DOIP) that comes with Warp? There is a great PPP OS/2 dialer available from F/X Communications.

Home site for the In-Joy PPP/SLIP Dialer

Team OS/2 is a group of OS/2 users and supporters. The Team OS/2 Online web site has many links to other related OS/2 activity... check it out!

Team OS/2 Online
Team OS/2 Online Home Page

Need updates for your OS/2 system? Here is the link to get to IBM's software updates for the OS/2 base system.

IBM OS/2 Software Updates
IBM OS/2 Software Updates

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