NSToMR2 - Convert Netscape/2 mail and address files for MR/2 ICE

This program is released as freeware and is copyright © 1997 by Art Heimsoth - all rights are reserved. It may be freely distributed, modified, and used, provided if distributed, it is distributed with all files included and a listing of the changes indicated (if any). No fees may be charged for its distribution or use other than nominal distribution costs associated with its distribution. Netscape Navigator for OS/2 address book and mail conversion to MR2ICE utilities.

The files included and a description of them are:

A REXX command file to convert a Netscape Navigator for OS/2 address book to address and group entries in the MR/2 ICE address book format. It is assumed that NETSCAPE.EXE can be found either in the current directory, or in the PATH. The location of NETSCAPE.EXE is also assumed to be the location of the address.htm file containing the addressbook for Netscape Navigator. It is further assumed that MR2i.EXE can also be found in either the current directory or in the PATH. The location of MR2i is used to find the MR/2 ICE address and group files.

The above means that this command can be executed from the Navigator/2 directory, in which case the MR2i must be found via the PATH statement, or if executed from the MR2i directory, then NETSCAPE must be found via tha PATH statement.

If neither is the case, then both directories can be temporarily added to the current path using the form:

set path=%path%;[drive]:\netscape;[drive]:\mr2i; substituting the string "[drive]:\netscape;" or the string "[drive]:\mr2i;" with the drive and directory location for the respective program.

Any existing address entries will be kept in the current MR2i address book, but if an entry matches an entry from the Netscape address book, it can optionally be updated from the Netscape address information. Only the email address part is checked to determine this condition. If the update option is not selected, the matching entry from the Netscape address book will be skipped.

An optional parameter of test can be passed to indicate to run only in test mode, in which case the real MR2i address and group file will not be altered, but what would have been the new files will be named mr2inew.adr and mr2inew.grp instead. If either of these files already exist, they will be replaced. The form of the email name may optionally be selected by the parameter shown below. The default is jb123@windy.com if no parameter is provided.


"Joe Blow" <jb123@windy.com>
Joe Blow <jb123@windy.com>
jb123@windy.com (Joe Blow)
(above complements of Julian Thomas as found in his ADRSTUFF.ZIP package)

All data from the name, email name, alias, distribution list, and comment fields will be copied without change (other than the form of the email name) to the address and group files for MR2i.

A REXX command file to convert the mail information in the Netscape Mail folders to the format required by MR/2 ICE. The MR/2 mail folders will be named to the same name they have with Netscape Navigator which is limited to 8 characters. If the Netscape mail is on a FAT formatted partition, these names will also be all upper case names.

The mail entries will be re-indexed using the reindex program supplied as part of the MR/2 ICE distribution. If this is not desired, run the program in test mode and then manually xcopy the files/directories from the tempmail directory to the mail directory. This will have the same result as if running without the test parameter, except the mail folders will not be reindexed. Note, if this option is selected, the folders will not include the mail items when displayed with MR2i and each folder will have to be reindexed with MR2i in order to get them displayed.

Oll "sent" mail will be placed into the "Out box", even tho the item may be a reply to a mail item that is in one of the other folders. You may manually move these items to the desired folder after the Out box has been reindexed.

The single option that may be provided is to run the command in a test mode. This will do all of the normal processing; however, the mail folders and mail items will be built into a tempmail directory tree. This tree will include all the existing MR/2 ICE mail that is found and the folders will not be reindexed.

All problems, comments, and suggestions should be sent to Art Heimsoth at heimsoth@doglover.com. All such mail received will be responded to as quickly as I can.