ChkPOPUP - Check size of POPUPLOG.OS2 and truncate if necessary

This program is released as freeware and is copyright © 1997 by Art Heimsoth - all rights are reserved. It may be freely distributed, modified, and used, provided if distributed, it is distributed with all files included and a listing of the changes indicated (if any). No fees may be charged for its distribution or use other than nominal distribution costs associated with its distribution.

Chkpopup is a Rexx command file that is intended to help protect the POPUPLOG.OS2 file from growing too large and consuming all of the free disk space on the drive where it is located. When Chkpopup is run, it will truncate the file to be no greater than 20k bytes, or the limit passed as an optional parameter. The POPUPLOG.OS2 file will be found by looking for the SUPPRESSPOPUPS record in CONFIG.SYS and using the parameter there, or if not found there, the boot drive will be used. The drive can also be passed as an optional parameter to override the search.

When the file is truncated, it will be truncated such that only full log entries are retained, and the newest entries will be retained up the limit that can still be kept below the file size limit.

Informational messages will be displayed indicating the action taken. These messages may also be suppressed with the -q parameter on the command line. Error messages will always be displayed and cannot be suppressed.

Syntatical help may be displayed by passing a ? on the command line when Chkpopup is executed.

All problems, comments, and suggestions should be sent to Art Heimsoth at All such mail received will be responded to as quickly as I can.