MakeSR4 - Make SR diskettes for DualStor/2 and Warp 4.0

This program is released as freeware and is copyright © 1997 by Art Heimsoth - all rights are reserved. It may be freely distributed, modified, and used, provided if distributed, it is distributed with all files included and a listing of the changes indicated (if any). No fees may be charged for its distribution or use other than nominal distribution costs associated with its distribution.

The package consists of two Rexx commands.

adds the SR utility to the Utility Diskettes created by Warp 4.0 (System Setup ---> Create Utility Diskettes..) Warp 4.0 will create 4 utility diskettes that are bootable and contain some useful utilities on the 4th diskette. This command adds the necessary info to the config.sys, and then the necessary files to the proper diskettes in order to allow the DualStor/2 SR program to be run from the 4th diskette.
will check the directories in your root drive to determine if there are any directories that DualStor/2 does not correctly backup and restore with SR. If it finds a directory with EAs attached, where the directory is empty, it will add a dummy directory named DualStor which will then allow it to be correctly processed by DualStor/2. In my testing, I found the hidden directory "Nowhere" to be one of these directories that lost all EAs when restored by SR from a DualStor/2 backup tape. Adding this extra dummy subdirectory to this directory does not seem to cause any ill effects, but does allow the system to complete the Desktop startup. CHECKEA allows an optional parm to be passed. The optional parm specifies the partition to be checked and if omitted, the booted partition will be checked.

Prior to initially backing your boot partition with DualStor/2, run the CHECKEA.CMD file from an OS/2 command line. This command file need only be run once unless you rebuild your system from the CD instead of restoring it from the backup tape. No ill effects will occur if it is run multiple times.

It has also been reported that simply removing the Nowhere directory after a restore will also allow the system to boot... this would be the thing to try if you failed to run CHECKEA prior to backing up your Warp 4 system. Another approach would be to re-install Warp 4 from your CD and then restore your backed up Warp 4 system partition on top of that install. I have not tried either of these approaches, so cannot vouch for them personally.

All problems, comments, and suggestions should be sent to Art Heimsoth at All such mail received will be responded to as quickly as I can.