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This is my home page and it will allow you to get to several different topics that interest me, and may also interest you. 

There are different topics that I maintain on this web site. You can go directly to any of the topics or different areas by selecting from one of the links at the left of this page.  Most of the activity on this site deals with events that take place in my local community of Cole Camp in the central part of Missouri, where the ozarks and the prairies meet.

The local events are presented with pictures.  There are quite a few of these pictures and they are shown as fairly small thumbnail images of a larger image.  If you want to see the larger image, simply click on the thumbnail image with the left mouse button.  To return to the listing of pictures, use your browser's back button. 

Most of the pictures on this site have been taken with an Olympus Digital Camera model C-2020Z and then the thumbnails produced with a separate process, or the thumbnail image that is embedded within the camera's generated image is extracted and used.  There are also some pictures that make use of the camera's capability of generating a panoramic view (combining multiple shots into a single picture), or a separate program that also provides this capability.  If you are interested in any of this, let me know via email  (mailto:process@artheimsoth.com) .

If you would like to print any of the pictures, feel free to do so.  I only ask that you let me know via email (mailto:pictures@artheimsoth.com) that you have done (or will do) this and if the printed picture will be published that a reference also be included to this web page as the source of the picture.   Due to the size of the pictures, you may  need to print them in landscape orientation instead of the normal portrait orientation.

From time to time there are events that take place in Cole Camp and the surrounding area.  I try to capture much of the activity of these events in pictures and then put them on this site for others to enjoy.  If you know of Cole Camp, or have friends or family here, then you can also enjoy some of our local events even if you cannot attend in person.  If you live in the area, there may be a picture of something you missed.  If you are interested in finding out more about the area and its Genealogical history, check out the Benton County site located at http://www.phelbs.com/hrftx.

If there is an upcoming event that you think others would enjoy seeing some pictures of, please let me know of it (mailto:events@artheimsoth.com) so I can schedule my time and try to capture the event in pictures.

Events that currently are available with pictures can be accessed with the links on the left of this page. Some of them are:

  • Cole Camp Fair - the annual event of a country fair by the community, consisting of floats, exhibits, food and drink, and entertainment.
  • The Antique Steam and Tractor Show - A showing of many old and not so old tractors used for farming in the area.  Many are fully restored, others are real original, and some are still being used on a daily basis.
  • Cole Camp Scenes - some pictures of the area showing the beautiful colors in the area, including some that have been especially arranged for the season.

There also are some simple (and not so simple) program files I have written and are available for the taking.  If you are interested in any of them, please refer to the description file for each program to see the terms under which I am making them available.

I have generated all of the web pages on this site, and in some cases a page may also use CGI/Perl utilities that I have developed.  If you are interested in a web site but don't know where to start, or don't want to take the time to develop it yourself, please email me for help and/or my services.  Initial information is at no cost - if you do not have a web site address reserved, I can help you get your own named site, and also help you with the hosting service. All of the websites listed on the left are hosted by netendeavors.net. You can contact them for more information.

Okay, so what about the free programs? - I do programming and consulting as a profession and also as a hobby. Over the past few years I have written some OS/2 and Windows 95/98/NT REXX programs for my own usage, and since they were helpful to me and a few others, I have made them available to anyone that wants to use them. See the list and links to other OS/2 sites I have used and found helpful. If you are interested in some REXX or ObjREXX program help, let me know. I currently use it on OS/2, Windows 98, Windows NT, and Windows 2000.  The packages that are on this site are primarily for OS/2, but some are also available for Windows 95/98/NT/2K by request from me.

Art Heimsoth

Central Missouri in the Ozarks
United States

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