Some Scenes from the Cole Camp area

I hope to take pictures of the Cole Camp area from time to time showing the various seasons.  As I get a chance to take some of these shots, I will put them here so you can enjoy them.

The fall colors were beautiful this year (2000), but only for a few days.  I was able to capture some of the colors here and also included some fall decorations that I spotted while driving around the town.  I have also added a couple of scenes from the fall of 2001.  You can view them from the "fall colors" page.

The first "real" snow was also beautiful - but I did not get out too much to get very many of them.  I hope to get a few more pictures over the next several weeks, so maybe if December 2000 is any indication of how the winter will go, there will be many more winter scenes in the next weeks.  January of 2002 gave us quite an ice storm - it was beautiful, but damaged a lot of trees and took down several power lines.  The set that is there can be found on the "winter snow" page.

It appears "real" winter and snow skip some years. The winter of 2006/2007 gave us a lot of snow the first of December, and then in January we got both ice and snow! The December pictures are showing a drift of snow on my roof that was at least 3 feet deep. The white stuff on the January pictures is 3-4 inches of sleet covered with freezing rain and then less than an inch of snow. Brrrrrrr.

The cold winter weather is seeming to be another season to have been remembered.  Spring appears to have come, and along with this time of year, there are some more photographs at the "spring is here" page.  Hopefully there will be more over the next few weeks.

If you see an area you would like to know more about in one of the pictures, please send me an email (  Also, if you print or use any of the pictures on these pages, please let me know via email and also include a reference to my home page ( for where they were found.