Our Family Album

This is the main page to allow you to see pictures taken of our family.  They are arranged to allow you to find different gatherings or some of the pictures of the grandkids.  If you have trouble with any of the pictures, or want more information about any of them, let me know by email to pictures@artheimsoth.com.

Our 4 grandkids - Pictures taken several different times of the 4 grandkids.
Tweedt Family Reunion, 2001 - Clare and Burney Tweedt family renunion, 2001.
Muddin' - Some guys and their trucks having fun in the mud!
Easter, 2002 - Family gathering on Easter, 2002.
Mildred's Birthday - Family gathering to celebrate Mildred Heimsoth's Birthday - 2002.
Miscellanous Pictures - Some additional pictures that didn't fit the other categories here.

Our family pets - Some of the photos of our family dogs.