Miscellanous Family Pictures

These are some pictures of family that didn't fit any other category on the family page - so I put them here.

So far, the first two are when Don and Melba Tweedt and Allen Sanford came to visit with the Missouri relatives in July of 2002. On the first picture are Forrest Heimsoth (front), then left to right are: Gladys Barnes, Tim Heimsoth, Ken Heimsoth, Annette Heimsoth, Ron Barnes, Melba Tweedt, Allen Sanford, Jim Barnes, Don Tweedt, Haldor Barnes and Dennis Barnes (face behind the tree leaves).

The 2nd picture has the same cast of characters, except Geraldine Heimsoth is there behind Forrest instead of Gladys.

Click on the picture to see a larger image of it.

With Gerry
July 9 2002
With Gladys
July 9 2002
Pictures taken by Art Heimsoth