The Building of a new sanctuary

The building of a new sanctuary for Trinity Lutheran Church in Cole Camp is an event worth noting for the community.  The congregation has been working since March of 1997 to raise money through pledges and donations for this facility.  The costs of the project has grown since the start of the project, and in 1999 the church voters approved spending $2,047,774 to build the new sanctuary.  The voters also required that $1.4 million be raised or pledges before any construction could start.  This amount was reached late in the year 2000.
This is the third attempt that Trinity Lutheran Church has made to build a new sanctuary since the current facility was built in 1911.  There are structural problems with the existing building that cannot be corrected, according to church officials.  The new facility will also provide much needed additional space for Sunday school classes, special church events, and community activities.  There were about 150 church members when the existing building was built, and now (fall of 2000) there are around 615 members.
The existing building will continue to be used during the construction of the new building.  After the new church building is complete, the existing building will be torn down and the space used for additional parking.  There also was a single family house located immediately to the South of the new building which was moved to another location and has been sold.
The following pages will be updated as the building project progresses, showing some of the milestones during this project.

Panarama of the building site during the construction

Initial site and removing of the trees
Ground Breaking celebration
Digging the hole and pouring the foundation for the basement
Putting up the exterior structure of the building
Constructing the inside sections of the church
Placing the steeple onto the new church roof
Dedication celebration of the new church
Photos of the church built in 1911 and used until July, 2002
Moving a single family house to make more room for the church